ID Approval Form

Users who have been requested to provide Proof of ID for either gift shipment or account hold must use the following form to provide us with the necessary information required to process the request.

Download/Print ID Approval Form (PDF Version)
Download/Print ID Approval Form (JPEG Version)

  1. You Must First Print the above form
  2. Then physically place your ID on the form.
    (Photo copies placed on form are not accepted)

There are only two options available when submitting this form:


Print the above form and scan with ID (physically) placed faced down on scanner in desired area.
(WE HIGHLY ADVISE that you cover the Drivers License # for your own security, with a dark material before scanning)


Print the above form and take a "legible" picture of your ID (physically) placed on the desired area of the form with your digital camera.

ALL ID Submissions must be legible (able to read and verify your information):

  • When Scanning please use the 150 DPI option on your scanner
  • When using a Camera please use 800x600 or larger pixel size options with the "highest" quality mode. (Fine or Super Fine)
  • Click here for an example (this is only a sample to show orientation and placement)
  • We DO NOT accept links to your ID Form, you must attach it and email it to us from your Git-R-Free Account email. (No Photobucket, Snapfish etc. image site links.)
    Email the form with one of the two requested options to:
    (Form must be attached and using JPEG, PDF, TIF, or PNG filetype/format)


Please take the time to visit your local library which should have a scanner.

Or you can buy an affordable one from the links below:


A User's ID will only be required under certain circumstances stated in our Terms and Conditions.

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